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Why would I want to use Nice ’N Clean® Antibacterial Hand Wipes instead of sanitizing gels?

Like sanitizing gels, Nice ’N Clean® Antibacterial Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria. However, sanitizing gels don't have the cleaning properties of Nice ’N Clean® Antibacterial Hand Wipes, which wipe away dirt and messes. Also, most sanitizing gels are alcohol based and therefore drying, while Nice ’N Clean® Antibacterial Hand Wipes contain aloe vera to leave hands soft and clean.

Are Nice ’N Clean® Baby Wipes flushable?

Nice ’N Clean® Baby Wipes are not flushable and must be disposed of in a standard trash receptacle. However, our Toddler Wipes are the optimal size to be flushed. And our moist toilet tissue is created with proprietary technology that disperses the material after flushing, so it, too, can be flushed in most sewers and septic tanks, one wipe at a time.

What is TENCEL® fiber?

TENCEL® is an ultra-soft fiber made with the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees grown in sustainably managed forests, and they're a 100% renewable resource. Nice ’N Clean® Baby Wipes, Facial Wipes, and All Purpose Wipes are made with TENCEL®, so they're Earth-friendly and part of our commitment to sustainability.
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Can I use Nice ’N Clean® wipes for parts of my skin not specified in the product name?

Refer to the product page in question for intended usage. We carefully craft each of our products with a scientifically designed formula to meet the specific needs of the age group or section of skin being targeted. For optimal results and to avoid irritation, it's best to use wipes as instructed on the packaging and product page.

Do you have any products I could easily use when I'm on the go?

Yes, we have a number of products specifically packaged for on-the-go usage that also have larger packaging that's great for your home or office. See below for our list of products that have on-the-go packaging.