The first Flush Friendly Feminine Hygiene wipe! - Feminine Hygiene Wipes -


Made with EcoFlushNice ’N Clean Flushable Intimate Cloths with EcoFlush Technology sooth and refresh with aloe and vitamin E. And they're made with 100% plant-based fibers with no added chemicals, which means they break down fast in water. So these truly flushable feminine wipes are safe for all well maintained sewers and septic systems!


  • pH balanced formula
  • Hypoallergenic with no alcohol or parabens
  • Perfect during periods, after activity and post-workout
  • Multiple sizes including 5-count travel packs, 16-count, and 32-count
  • Easy open-and-close snap lid

Tips & Tricks

Nice ’N Clean® Flushable Moist Wipes can be used with or without toilet paper. Designed with our proprietary technology, our wipes disperse even in hard water areas. You can use them at home or throw the portable 16-count travel pack in your bag or suitcase for convenient on-the-go usage anytime you're away from home.