Special Purposes

Don't Let Dirt Get Between You and Life's Beautiful Moments.

It can be difficult to keep our many devices free of dust. Leveraging our expertise in wipes, we've developed effective solutions to meet your needs. By keeping your equipment free of dirt and grime, you'll discover a brighter world.

Lens Wipes

We created Nice ’N Clean® Lens Wipes to safely remove dust and smudges from eyeglasses, camera lenses, and goggles so you can see the world just as it is. They have a special formula for your lenses that won't leave scratches. When you see clearly, you can live fully.

Touch Screen Wipes

With the increasing number of touch screen devices in our lives, we saw a need to create Nice ’N Clean® Touch Screen Wipes to remove dust and grime, so your devices can look their best and perform at peak levels. Keep your equipment in top shape so you can be present and carefree for life’s most precious moments.

Electronic Wipes

Nice ’N Clean® Electronic Wipes are designed to safely and effectively remove dirt, dust particles, fingerprints and other smudges from smartphones, tablets, TVs and other electronic devices. They provide a streak-free clean without any scratches for a better viewing experience.