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Clean and Disinfect Your Baby Stroller in 5 Easy Steps

clean and disinfect your baby stroller

Baby strollers are a must-have item for all parents. It’s a convenient way to transport your infant and toddler around during walks, at the park, and to run errands. And the basket below can be used to store your diaper bag, snacks, and any other items you might need during the outing.

Given that strollers spend a lot of time outside and are often used as a place for snacking and naps (and even diaper changes), they can get quite dirty. From spilled juice and cookie crumbs to spit-ups and diaper blowouts, strollers are a breeding ground for germs, especially if they’re used daily.

To keep your stroller in tip top shape and minimize your child’s chances of getting sick, it’s important to clean and disinfect it regularly. Here are 5 easy steps to follow:

  1. Consult the stroller’s owner manual or check the manufacturer’s website for care instructions. Make sure to look up the instructions for your specific stroller model, especially if you want to dismantle it to get a deeper clean.

  2. Remove visible grime. Wipe off any visible dirt, stains, and crumbs. For loose dirt and crumbs, you can use an attachment on your vacuum or a hand-held vacuum. Pay particular attention to the seams where the seat meets the back because crumbs can get stuck there.

  3. Clean the hard parts. Use disinfecting wipes for hard plastic or metal parts of the stroller, including the frame, food tray, handles, cup holders, and any other nonporous parts. Make sure to follow the contact time on the product label to properly disinfect the areas. If it’s a food-contact area, such as the food tray, go over the area with potable water after the disinfectant formula dries, and then allow it to air dry again. 

  4. Clean the fabric parts. Some strollers have removable fabric which can be hand-washed or washed in a washing machine. Before washing, first do a colorfast test to make sure the colors don’t bleed. For the strollers without machine-washable fabric, make a solution of warm water and soap. Dip a clean cloth into it and wring it out so it’s damp, then use it to clean the fabric parts of the stroller seat, the hood (or canopy), and the basket under the stroller seat. You may need a soft fabric brush or toothbrush to scrub off stubborn stains. Get another clean cloth or thoroughly rinse out the soap in the first one, then go over all the soft parts of the stroller again with just water. Then let air dry completely.

  5. Clean the wheels. If they’re visibly covered in dirt or mud, they should be washed immediately. Otherwise, wheels should be cleaned at least once a week if you take the stroller out for a walk every day. This is especially important if you store the stroller inside your home instead of in the garage. You can clean stroller wheels by using a brush to remove sand and dirt from the tires and rims, then scrubbing them with soapy warm water, and rinsing off with clear water (using a hose is the easiest way). 

When you’re done cleaning, it’s important that you let the entire stroller completely air dry before you fold it, store it, or use it again. 

Cleaning your baby stroller can be a chore, but it’s not as hard as you might think and it’s well worth the effort to keep your little one safer and healthier! Plus, cleaning your stroller regularly helps it work better and last longer. And if you decide to sell it when your child outgrows it, a regularly cleaned and well maintained stroller will fetch a higher price.

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