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Biodegradable Wipes: Eco-Friendly Wet Wipes for the Whole Family

biodegradable wipes

There’s no shortage of brands that offer personal wet wipes today, and most users have their preferences in what they want from their wipe: scented vs. unscented, thin vs. thick, soft and smooth vs. textured, and the list goes on. If you haven’t yet added biodegradable wipes to your list of wet wipe must-haves, perhaps it’s time to consider it. In this article, we’ll explain what a biodegradable wet wipe is and the reasons environmentally friendly wipes are a better choice for you, your family, and the planet. 

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What are biodegradable wipes?

Using wet wipes is a regular habit for millions of people. In fact, statistics based on data from the U.S. Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) show that 16.3 million Americans used pre-moistened wipes 31 times or more within a week in 2020.

According to BestReviews.com, 90% of wipes on the market are made from polyester or polypropylene, which are plastics that can take decades to decompose in a landfill. Fortunately, there is now an alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality, convenience, or your family’s hygiene needs. Enter the biodegradable wet wipe!

Biodegradable wipes are made from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, and wood pulp, which break down over a shorter period of time. This makes them better for the Earth.

Why are biodegradable wipes better for the environment?

Here are a few reasons why biodegradable wipes are a better choice for the environment:

  • Since biodegradable wipes are made from 100% plant-based fibers, they will quickly break down, so they don’t clog up the landfill.

  • Some biodegradable wipes are certified compostable as well. This means they can be broken down under specific conditions. Common materials that can be added to compost are grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable waste, and leaves.

  • Biodegradable wipes also have fewer or no additives and chemical irritants. As they break down, such chemicals won’t find their way into the soil — and, ultimately, into the water supply as well. 

What types of biodegradable wet wipes are available?

Manufacturers have worked long and hard to create and perfect proprietary formulas for wipes that can successfully (and completely) biodegrade. Thanks to research and innovation, biodegradable wipes are now available for a variety of uses, including:

  • Cleaning wipes: These “green” wipes are great for wiping down hard surfaces to kill germs without toxic solutions or plastics that release harmful gases into the environment.
  • Face/hand/body wipes: Convenient to use on-the-go, these refreshing wipes can also be used as moist toilet tissue during a camping trip, and then be buried and left to decompose naturally.
  • Baby wipes: There is nothing as delicate as a baby’s tender skin, and biodegradable wipes are made with fewer chemicals and other potential irritants, allowing them to gently clean up diaper messes without harming babies or the world they will inherit.
  • Feminine hygiene wipes: Biodegradable feminine hygiene wipes are usually pH balanced and paraben-free for safe, irritant-free use.
  • Flushable wipes: When made with 100% renewable plant-based materials, biodegradable flushable wipes break apart in water more easily so they are better for septic systems and the environment.

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[1] Safe for well-maintained sewer and septic systems. Not recommended for use with motorhomes or basement pump systems.
[2] When disposed of in the toilet
[3] Versus original formula


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