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5 Biodegradable Wet Wipes that Support Environmental Health

biodegradable wipes

As awareness and education about sustainability increases, more and more consumers are seeking sustainable and eco-conscious products that are less harmful to the planet. One way to support environmental health is to buy biodegradable products.

In this article, we’ll share 5 biodegradable wet wipes that use natural ingredients. They can break down naturally after use so there’s minimal impact on the environment.

1. Nice ’N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes 

These biodegradable flushable wipes are revolutionary in that they break apart in water 5 times faster than the leading toilet paper does. You can flush up to 5 wipes at a time without needing to worry about clogged pipes. Made with proprietary SecureFLUSH™ Technology, these innovative flushable [1] wipes are safe for septic systems and have exceeded all flushability guidelines to be a truly flushable wipe. In addition, they offer a luxurious and refreshing experience by combining an enhanced moisturizing formula with a soft and durable quilted wipe made from natural and renewable biodegradable fibers [2].


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2. Mum & You Biodegradable Baby Wipes

These baby wipes are biodegradable because they’re made with only naturally derived fibers and absolutely no plastic. These fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested baby wipes are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. In addition to diaper changes, they can also be used to clean and wipe hands and faces.


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3. Babo Botanicals 3-in-1 Face, Hand, and Body Cleansing Wipes

These biodegradable vegan-friendly wipes are designed to clean your face, hand, and body. Made with natural wood pulp, these 3-in-1 wipes are lightly scented and moisturizing with shea and cocoa butter. In addition to cleaning multiple body parts, these hypoallergenic wipes are also safe for your baby’s diaper changes. Keep in mind they are not flushable and should be thrown away in a trash can after use.

4. Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes

These wet wipes are biodegradable because they’re made of 100% pure bamboo from viscose. Use them to cleanse and refresh your face, hands, and body in place of a shower or when you need a refreshing pick-me-up (such as after a gym workout). The extra large wipes are durable so only one wipe is needed for your entire body. Infused with cleansers and moisturizers such as tea tree extract, aloe vera, and chamomile, these wipes help moisturize and protect your skin without any residue. These wipes should not be flushed after use.

5. Combat Wipes ACTIVE Outdoor Cleansing and Refreshing Wipes

These wipes are perfect for your next camping trip or if you plan to spend a lengthy time outdoors, like hiking, rock climbing, hunting, or fishing. The wipes are extra thick and extra large for an effective and thorough cleaning experience. When you’re done using one, you can bury the biodegradable wipe in soil or throw them into your compost pile when you get home (they are not flushable). The cleansing wipes are infused with moisturizing aloe and vitamin E and can be used as shower or toilet wipes depending on what your needs are. 


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Protecting the Planet

Protecting the environment is important for companies and consumers. With continued innovation, we can expect to see new and improved biodegradable products designed with the health of the planet in mind. We all have a part to contribute when it comes to sustainability.



[1] Safe for well-maintained sewer and septic systems. Not recommended for use with motorhomes or basement pump systems.
[2] When disposed of in the toilet.

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