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40 Surprising and Unexpected Ways to Use Baby Wipes (for Adults!)


Wiping Boys Nose

Here’s something you might not know… Baby wipes aren’t just for babies!

Can adults use baby wipes? Absolutely! 

You can use baby wipes to clean kitchen counters or to wipe down the inside of your car. You may be surprised at how versatile these disposable wet wipes are. You may even continue buying them after your baby outgrows diapers because they’re so convenient to have on hand. We seriously love them!

Here’s a list of 40 ways you can use baby wipes that have nothing to do with soiled diapers.


Baby Wipe Uses for Personal Care

Baby wipes should be part of your personal care supply. Here are a bunch of reasons they’re a cost-effective and versatile product to always have on hand.

  • Remove makeup: Less expensive than a makeup remover wipe, but just as effective in removing foundation from your face.
  • Improve a manicure and pedicure: Use baby wipes to clean up excess nail polish or wipe away any mistakes.
  • Clean up hair dye stains: A quick swipe of a baby wipe will clean off any hair dye that gets on your hairline and neck during your DIY dye job at home.
  • Control flyaway hairs: If your hair is being uncooperative, a baby wipe will do the trick, especially if you don’t have any hairspray at home. 
  • Wipe away oil and shine: If you have an oily face, a baby wipe can help control shine with a gentle blot on your problem areas. 
  • Remove tanning lotion stains: Did you overdo the tanning lotion a bit? Or apply it unevenly? No worries - run a baby wipe over the areas that are too dark and you’ll be good to go!
  • Cool down: During the hot summer months, we recommend keeping a packet of baby wipes in your refrigerator. Nothing feels better than a cool refreshing baby wipe on your face when you come in from sweltering heat and humidity.

Baby Wipe Uses for the Kitchen and Bathroom

The nursery isn’t the only place to stash baby wipes. Having them in the kitchen and bathroom will make clean-up a lot easier!

  • Clean surfaces: Wipe off counters and other surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom in between deep cleans so your home always looks spotless.
  • Mop your floor: Attach it to a mop handle and shine up your floors. They’re gentle enough to use on almost all flooring types in your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Clean appliances: Baby wipes are perfect for wiping down your refrigerator (inside and outside, including the door handles), microwave, oven, stove, and dishwasher. They’re also great for wiping down small kitchen appliances like your Instant Pot, air fryer, slow cooker, food processor, toaster oven, and coffee machine.
  • De-grease pots and pans: The texture of the baby wipe can help loosen or remove stubborn grease before you hand wash pans or put them into the dishwasher.
  • Wipe down your trash can: Even if you always use a trash can liner, food bits and stains can still leak or splatter on the inside of the bin. Give it a wipe down every so often so it doesn’t start to smell.

Baby Wipe Uses for Cleaning

It’s not just the kitchen and bathroom that can benefit from baby wipes. Here’s a list of ways you can use baby wipes for general cleaning all over your house.

  • Dust furniture: Baby wipes are a great way to capture dust on coffee tables, side tables, book shelves, etc. The dust sticks to the wet wipe so won’t get everywhere.
  • Wipe down light switches and door handles: Any high-touch points should be frequently cleaned throughout your house.
  • Freshen up houseplants: Brighten up your home garden with baby wipes! They are gentle and non-toxic so are perfect for dusty leaves.
  • Clean cobwebs: Attach a baby wipe to the end of a mop or broom (or insert it into the holes of a Swiffer) and use it to clear cobwebs.
  • Remove stains: Rub a baby wipe on a stain to help remove it (or at least keep it from setting). This works on clothing (goodbye deodorant and makeup stains!), sheets, carpet, and sofas. 
  • Clean walls: Do you have a little Picasso drawing masterpieces on your walls? Baby wipes can get rid of most crayon and paint stains without ruining the paint job.
  • Wipe down plastic toys: This is especially helpful if you have young kids who like to put toys in their mouth.
  • Polish leather: A gentle wipe can help improve the look of leather couches, shoes, and jackets!
  • Clean your screens: Everything from your smartphone and tablet to your laptop and television will benefit from a gentle wipedown with baby wipes if you don’t have lens or screen wipes available.
  • Wipe down remote controls: Most people know to wipe down their phones daily, but very few people regularly wipe down their television remote control. That thing is nasty, especially if you like to snack and channel surf at the same time.
  • Wipe down muddy shoes and boots: Use baby wipes to wipe off dirt and grime so dirty shoes and boots don’t track mud into your home.
  • Clean your pets: Wipe the dirt and mud off your dog’s paws or clean up shedded fur with baby wipes. 


Baby Wipe Uses for your Home Office or Virtual School Area

Currently, millions of professionals are working from home and millions of children are learning from home, whether it be homeschooling or virtual learning. Here are some ways that baby wipes can be used to keep things spic and span so your family can focus on working and learning.

  • Wipe off desks and chairs: Baby wipes are good for cleaning up any messes or getting rid of dust. 
  • Clean phones, laptops, keyboards, computer screens, and mouses.
  • Clean dry erase board and chalk boards: A dry eraser can only do so much. On Fridays, use a baby wipe to get these boards extra clean so they’re ready to go the following Monday.
  • Clean up arts and crafts: Spilled glue? No problem. Paint splatters? No big deal. 


Baby Wipe Uses for your Car

Keep a packet of baby wipes in your glove compartment so you always have some on hand for dusting or any unexpected messes.

  • Dust the interior of your car: Wipe down the steering wheel, cup holders, dashboard, doors, and windows. 
  • Clean off any bird droppings. It’s happened to all of us.
  • Wipe your hands after fueling up your car at the gas station.
  • Have them handy for messes in case you spill coffee or food in the car (or in case your kids do)!


Baby Wipe Uses during Travel and Vacation

Baby wipes should be on the packing list anytime you travel. If you're flying, make sure they’re in your carry-on bag. If you’re road-tripping, make sure they’re within arms reach in the front of the car (not in the trunk). 

  • Clean off sand at the beach. Wipe off sunscreen with ease.
  • Wipe down airplane seats and tray tables.
  • Clean hands before and after eating on a plane, in a car, at the beach, etc.
  • Wipe down toilet seats and handles in public restrooms.
  • During a camping trip, use baby wipes in place of a shower to freshen up, to clean hands before and after meals, and to wash dishes (scrub with a baby wipe then rinse with water).

Baby Wipe Uses at the Gym

A pack of wipes should always be in your gym bag. If your gym doesn’t offer wet wipes, baby wipes will be helpful!

  • Wipe down gym equipment before and after using. This includes treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, as well as weightlifting equipment.
  • Wipe down your yoga mat, especially if it’s a shared one from the gym.
  • Clean the sweat off your face and body with a refreshing baby wipe after a tough workout if you can’t shower right away.


Baby Wipes are Awesome Anytime, Anywhere

One last thing before we wrap this up… when selecting a baby wipe for your non-baby, cleaning, wiping, dusting, stain removal needs, be sure to pick a plant-based natural wipe like the Nice 'N CLEAN® brand. A friendly reminder that baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet and should be thrown away after a single use for hygienic and sanitary reasons. 


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